The Sir Roger de Coverley Club – ytterligare en vårbal 2018

Première Ball invitationDet är inte bara Stora Amarantherorden och kungl. Portugisiska Sankt Mikaelsorden som håller bal – jag har just fått en inbjudan till. Balen hålls precis som Sankt Mikaels bal i van der Nootska palatset på Södermalm.

The Sir Roger de Coverley Club aim is to promote forgotten dances and bring back balls to what they used to be, – a very energetic, social, heartwarming event and a lot more fun! It is a club for those who love historic dancing, games and good food, . We will be organizing balls at wonderful, unusual and interesting locations throughout Stockholm. Of course we will be holding dance courses before the balls so that everyone can join in the fun. The dances are inclusive, mostly so called Country mixers of English origin with some Irish, Scottish, American, Hungarian, French and Polish thrown in for good measure! Our signature dance though, is the ”Sir Roger de Coverley”, a very lively and joyful dance, which – for centuries – was danced at the end of the evening to have people leave in the best of spirits and on a very high note (the opposite of today’s slow end to occasions) . Sir Roger de Coverley is a fictional character who’s forefather composed this dance, it is also symbolic of the Fox, Sir Roger, moving in and out of cover during a hunt. Therefore I say, join in the fun, let Sir Roger lead the way and be merry!

Speciellt för balen är alltså fokus på dans, och en förövning dagen innan balen erbjuds. Ser mycket spännande ut, men Mikaelsbalen får räcka för min del. Om det är någon som är intresserad, hör av er så kanske jag kan förmedla kontakt.



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